Hypewhores x Milfie

We had the pleasure of shooting Milfie, a music artist & influencer based in Detroit. Her sound is “ghetto tech” and she really exudes everything a HypeWhore is— pregnant and all!
We got caught up a bit during and after her shoot and found out more about her style, views on art in the community and what she thinks a HYPEWHORE is.
HypeWhoreVintage: How would you describe your style? Do you feel like you convey it through your music & the work you put out?
Milfie: My style in a nut shell is just bad bitch. sometimes i’m goth girl, sometimes i’m baby, some times i’m posh and sometimes i’m ghetto. no matter what though, you know i’m a bad bitch. you see it in my style, you hear it in my songs.

HWV:What is art to you ?
M: Art to me is just creativity, plain and simple. it’s subjective as fuck and it’s what you make it.

HWV:What does the word creativity mean to you ?
M: creativity to me is just putting your heart into something. nothing half assed will ever be creative. no matter what society tries to pawn off on us.

HWV: Are you a creative person ? & how do you release creativity yourself ? What type of art do you indulge into ?
M: I think of my self as a very creative bitch and i convey it through my style and music but i am definitely exploring different avenues in regards to music and fashion.

HWV: Do you feel growing up being able to have places to outlet your creativity or release creative ideas is vital to becoming an successful adult ?
M: Having the luxury of expressing creativity growing up is so important but a lot of the best artists held on to that art their whole lives and was able to have a beautiful release once we find what we had to suppress.

HWV: If art is everything around us, why have we as a society separated it from everyday activities?
M: As a society, a lot of us have began to feel like anything we create we need to monetize and that’s the problem.

HWV: If you had all the money & resources in the world what type of art project, sculpture, design, place, etc would you create ??? & Why ??
M: when I have all of the money in the world, i will create space for the youth to create. plain and simple. i will build myself an amazing music studio and create the music videos and short films of my dreams but most importantly, i will give the youth the space to be creative because so many of us needed it growing up. i want to give the youth what we’ve lacked.

HWV: At what point did you realize your style was yours? When did you start owning it? Do you feel like having a personal style is important if so why?
M: I’ve always known my style was mine, even when i had less. even when i was looked at as the black sheep of my family, even when i was looked at funny because i didn’t want to wear what everyone else had. it has always been so important to me that i have control over what i look like, be it my clothes, my hair, my tattoos, piercings, anything that is me. i control that and no one will ever take that from me. it’s such a large part of who i am.

HWV: What’s your favorite vintage item you own? Where did you find it and where do you like to shop to find items? Any Favorite brands?
M: My favorite piece of vintage clothing is a pair of zana di patchwork denim pants that i have yet to wear because they’re missing a button lmao! my favorite place to shop vintage is hypewhore!!! the pieces hit so hard and there are so many different styles.

HWV: What is a hypewhore to you?
M: A hypewhore is me. a bad bitch. unapologetically.
Connect with Milfie
Instagram: @milfiebitch | Youtube: MILFIE | Apple/Tidal Spotify: MILFIE
Photos/Styling/Direction: Isaiah Walker x Zachary Crawford
@ The Current Art Studio